What is Pure Silence?

   There is a space within us, our brain, our being, which is and has always been there. This is the awareness which you have known all your life. It is your realization that you are. It is the same which has been at your birth, during your youth, now and when you will be dead. This is your "you-ness." Some have called this your true self. This is something that, no matter what has occurred in your life,  has never changed. Yes, this has been permanent in you. You must see this. It's very hard to put all this into accurate words that describe this fully and it is even more difficult to imagine this. But if you stop reading now, close your eyes, and see what is there, you may begin to taste this. What is always there in you, despite your moods, your emotions, your thoughts? I know you know this. See what is there at the core of your being.  It seems you and the rest of humanity have spent your entire lives running from this, fearing this, covering this. I do not know all the reasons why. Perhaps our brains have not evolved enough yet.

    You have probably followed some belief, some tradition, someone else's words or teaching. But I offer you something else. Let go of the thoughts, the imagination, the emotions; let go of everything and see what is left. Do this, not because I am telling you this, but because it is truly what you want to find out once and for all. You want to know. I know you do. What is this thing called existence all about? And more than that, what is your place in all this? Who are you? What is your purpose?

   Pure Silence is within you. It is not just the absence of sound, or lack of noise. It is the ground, the basis of your very being. There is nothing to find out, nothing to prove. Just listen with your whole being to what is here, now. It is the most amazing thing you can ever discover.

   It is with you now. It is you. The only way to find this is to stop everything else. Everything! Just be!