What do I do?

    A reader states: "I really resonate with everything you are saying in this site, it's almost as if I'm saying this to myself. But I really want to find this Pure Silence. Where is it and what do I do to get it or be it or not get it? I think I have it, but then it gets all blurry to me. Once and for all please tell me how."

    Yes, I know you resonate. I can feel it in the words you write. Perhaps I still have not conveyed in words, the absolute simple, magnificent, infinity of Pure Silence. Unfortunately, I have only words to give you and that's what makes this whole thing so damned mysterious and difficult to share. I will try once more as simply as I can. I will try to show you that your blurriness is your belief that you don't have it already. I will present it to you as a flowing formula of simple words and questions.  Again, there is nothing to do. It is more of a simple allowing. Some have called it an exercise or path or way. To me it is the "always" state before, during and after all exercising, containing all paths and allowing all ways. Some offer wonderful experiments to get others to see this, to experience this. This is marvelous as a pointer. But then should we not ask who is the experimenter here? The seeing of it and talking of it is one thing. To know with complete certitude that you are the Pure Silence of being itself is perhaps another or that which contains the very seeing and talking. Anyway, if you wish, you can try the following. Please:

Sit down and relax.

Close your eyes.

What is there?

Open your eyes.

What is there?

What is there with eyes open or closed?

Now cover your ears.

Now uncover them.

What is there with ears covered or uncovered?

Now say the word "silence" aloud.

Now think the word "silence."

What is there before, during and after it was said?

What is there before, during and after it was thought?

Now ask yourself, who sat, who did, who said, who thought?

If you said "I did", tell me where is the "I"?

Was there any separation between the sitting and the sitter, the doing and the doer, the saying and the say-er, the thinking and the thinker?

Where is the "you"?

In all of this what was always there, cradling everything in its rising and falling, in its becoming and undoing?

Allow everything you are to gently attend, with 100% un-compromised and effortless willingness to that "space", that simple, quiet stillness in your being where nothing in particular is and where, at the same time everything is.

You are that everything!

You are that stillness.

That Pure Silence.

Nothing more.




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