Welcoming the Next Moment

    The next moment may be your last. The next moment may be miserable, pain-filled and oppressive. The next moment may be the most joyful in your life. The next moment WILL come - with you or without you. You cannot stop it, control it, hide from it or pretend it won't arrive. You will waste a tremendous amount of energy attempting to do so. You may even convince yourself that in some small way you will alter it or change the next moment from being a terrible event to becoming a tolerable one. Why struggle anymore at all? Why pretend? What can "you" do after all?

    Dear friend, there is one simple thing "you" can do as a living entity on this world right now. Simply stop what "you" are doing, saying or even thinking this moment. Abandon everything - even your wish for one more moment, a wish to extend this moment into another and another and perhaps you will taste a small morsel of revelation, a small glimmer of truth. This moment is already everything you are and have sought. This moment is the validity of Being itself. Rest in this moment just for a sec. Rest in this stillness you feel deep inside where there is no resistance to anything arising nor any expectancy of anything more than just this. In this small surrender you will find the pure silence itself: the who ness of who you are, the what ness of what you have always been and the where ness of where you and all will go.

   Welcome the next moment: gratefully, joyfully and honestly - really it is the only thing you can do anyway. But by learning to witness it as it comes rather than trying to deflect it away, gradually you will learn the wonder of simply allowing it to be. From that comes freedom and from that freedom: joy. And don't forget to have a little fun along the way.

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