Are you willing with all your heart and soul to admit right now that you, with all your knowledge, with all your experience, with all your memories and dreams, know absolutely nothing when confronted with the mystery of being, of Pure Silence itself? Try to expose this right now; jump into this with both feet. It's ok not to know! This is the beginning of a wonderful journey: the journey into silence itself.

    You see in the silence of divine nothingness there is nothing left to know, to find out, to hold on to. Tell me truly, what is it about "nothing" that you really need to know anyway?

    This is all a great mystery, but one you can begin to understand with your heart if you cease and desist from trying to understand with your mind because like any mystery the mind is helpless in answering.

    In certain traditions of spirituality this is called mysticism, or that which is a mystery. I do not like that context of language because it makes everything seem so esoteric, so weird. Silence is a mystery yes, but something that you and I can access at any moment in our lives, if we can just surrender everything, every bit of needing to know to the unknown, the abyss, the darkness, the moment of pure awareness of nothing at all. This is your refuge, your rock, your stability in the midst of all activity, in the midst of chaos and in the midst of peace.

   In the words of Paul of Tarsus, this is "the peace that surpasses all understanding."


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