Silent Trees - Life's Purpose

(Gratefully shared by Bruce)

    I had a short discussion with a couple of co-workers this last evening and the question of "Well, why are we here? What is our purpose in this life?" came up. I didn't have a really good answer at the time so I really could not respond to the question, but later on this came to me..

    What if we were able to speak tree dialect, and asked the same question of a tree "What is the purpose of life?" This tree might answer "The purpose of  this life is to blissfully abide in the loving silence of the Source of All. My purpose is to give back that love to all the other creations of the Source. For some, I would be shelter, for others food, and for still others, a home. In the silence, I don't "do" anything but simply BE. I realize pain, suffering and in some distant NOW, physical death will be my fate; the woodsman's axe may cut me and the winds of Spring may uproot me, but I remain silent and loving to the last. In return for the love for It's creations, the One sustains this object that I am with rain and sunlight and the nutrients of the ground. I grow strong and straight and become a useful instrument for the will of the Source. My life can not have a greater balance and purpose." 

    If this same question was asked of the grass, the answer might be "the purpose of my existence is to be the silent carrier of the Will of the One. I and objects like me touch the lives of those who do not even know me. The oxygen I exhale sustains the whole world, to some I provide a source of nourishment, and even some of the smallest objects find me a haven and shelter. These objects from the Source need this loving gift and I give it freely through the Will of the One. I realize that there will, also be pain and suffering. Drought, fire and the hand of humanity may destroy this created object, but the Will of the Source supersedes all."

    Now ask the ego-driven humans this same question and they will write volumes and volumes of text, create numerous religions, name numerous "gods", designate gurus , masters, teachers, saints and saviors. They will theologize, rationalize, hypothesize and criticize. They will create tenets, dogmas, policies and procedures. They will argue, blame, attack and create wars for the privilege of being able to stand on their spiritual soapbox and proclaim their "god" is greater that your "god", while at their feet are the voices of  the objects of the other "gods" , yelling, shouting , SCREAMING.....

....and the tree stands tall and silent, blissfully abiding in the peaceful and loving silence of the Source of All while giving love to all equally and  unconditionally unshaken in the understanding of it's true purpose of life. 

(Thank you Bruce for sharing these gifts from your own realization of Pure Silence)

"May blessings and tranquility surround all creations. May we learn from them as from the Source of all."

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