From the Rubble


    Many of us might find it difficult to accept that there is tremendous good and tremendous truth which arises from the rubble of tragedy. Right now we feel pain, fear, rage and terrible uncertainty. There is talk of war, retaliation and more death.

    I offer you one thought for this day. All over the world people became silent for a short time. People of all faiths, from many countries and many races all stood together in the commonality of silence. In between all the words, all the images, all the pain and suffering, all the thoughts of what had happened and what will happen, we were silent. There is something extraordinarily powerful and truthful here.

   It is my humble conviction that in some way humanity has been transformed for the better this week. From the silence within the rubble to the moment of silence the mourning world experienced today, there is a beauty, a glimmer of truth and hope which has arisen out of this tragedy which like a flower will continue to bloom and grow. The silence of love allows this and there is no terror in the mind of humanity which can extinguish this.

   May the silence comfort us and allow the flower of love to overgrow the world.

Blessings to You.

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