Return to the Silence

    My dear friend, I have been writing and maintaining this website for 2 years now and I am very glad that the meager offerings I have produced have brought some peace and stability to so many people living in this noisy, frenetic world. There are many words on this web site, perhaps too many, all destined to try to lead you to the silent space of your own heart. However, there really comes a time when I must stop writing and you must stop reading. You and I will simply return to the pure silence, the loving space before and after everything that arises, that which exited before we were born and that which will exist after we are gone, and that within our selves which is present before and after every thought and imagination.

    There is really not much more I can say except that if you really want to be free and to have some happiness and stability in your life, you must return to the silence: as you are able in your life, now. Stop right now, whatever it is you are doing and be honest with yourself, and ask yourself this simple question, who am I really? If the answer is anything other than a gentle silent awareness of this moment as it is, then, my dear friend you have not discovered the magnificence of your own heart, your own self, the divine that you are, the fact that you are the universe itself. And what a shame it would be if you died never knowing or realizing this magnificent truth!

    Return to the silence right now, before you have no other choice and you will taste freedom like you never imagined.

Peace and joy to all beings this moment!

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