Reflections on Pure Silence

(What readers have written)

    Sometimes, when I visit web sites, there are sections which reveal what people reading the site or using a particular product have said in recognition of the site or product. Many times in our overtly commercialized world this becomes a form of advertising. On certain spiritual sites, I sometimes see a tendency for folks to do this out of some need for personal affirmation or out of some spiritual egoic elitism. I have avoided this issue for some time because of the above.     

    Nevertheless, since the Pure Silence site arose in early July, 2001, I have received many e-mails from genuine people who have resonated with my meager offering to the world. Very honestly, I have not received one negative comment. It is a blessing for me to read the reflections from the One Self, the Pure Silence. I share some of them with you now, for no other reason than to bring joy to your heart as well.

I am so awestruck, amazed and so happy with the information on your website.  I consider myself so blessed that I came to this website by pure accident.  I was looking for a book called "Pointers from Nisargadatta Maharaj", and found a link to your website.
Your simple, lucid and direct language pierced my entire being and I felt so many questions that I had automatically evaporate!!
Please continue to update the site.  I just could not stop reading line after line after line of confirmation of what I too have personally experienced  You are absolutely right. (R K)

Just came across your web site. Or rather, it came across me. You are (silently) now part of me. Quite a responsibility- for both of us. But then, we are all entirely responsible for everything that happens, within and without. Aren't we?

In this responsibility, there is a touch of joy, a touch of tears. For the way things are. For the beauty, the simplicity of life, I want to laugh, I want to cry.

Thank you, dear Mark, for helping to lift the veil, of ignorance, of course.

 Love (R R)

Thank you for your site, very much. You have made me feel wonderful today, and I had been wondering where the wonder was today. I know that what you are saying is true, I have experienced it many times at different stages of my life. Most recently it came to me as a technique of experiencing all that can be experienced "in the silence" (the silence of sight, the silence of sound, taste, touch and thought) rather than experiencing it "out there."

Really every sense-object is, as you say, arising, existing, dying back, *here* in this internal silence, not "out there." I've gotten wordy about  a very simple shift in perspective that leads to instant peace and happiness. Thanks (G G)

The Pure Silence website is a joy! Every word of it is Truth. I came to
awareness of  Pure Silence as a result of the website based on
the books of Douglas Harding. Your website resonates wonderfully. Thank you
very much for taking the time and effort to put it together. It's great! (M C)

It sounds good to hear the words resonating from this place so close to each
and everyone of us. These words are a great offering of yours for all of us to share. (R)

Everyone that I share this site with wants to know more about you! You have such a way of telling it like it is. Every day you add more of your wonderful compositions, Thank You for letting it flow thru you! (G H)

I just took a look at your website. I just read one part - about the teachers - and resonated with every word of it. It is exceptional that I find a text on the web which is so clear about this. I don't read much any more. Although I still enjoy the pleasure of resonating with texts that express what I 'feel' as clear and open which is the case with your words. (J K)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
I just love your writings. I'm a real fan.
It helps takes the worries away.
It calms my nerves and gives me
more than just hope.
I like the way you put your site together.
It's easy reading. Straight and to the point.
It makes me smile.
 (M W)

Thanks for sharing these truths.  I have always wondered what "this" was.   Now, it has been identified for me and I think that knowing this will help.  I guess we must continue to spread this to everyone so that maybe we can save "time" ?
I wish I knew something more about you,  who have shared this with me.  
I am very grateful for this site.  I found it by searching for silence...since that is what I have been searching for.   Actually I was trying to find God on the, but this is really the truth.   I have been near desperation lately.   Lost my connection.
Thanks again (C N)

I just wanted to thank you for your marvelous site.  I have been "in joying" my silence for some time and am always interested in the story of how each has discovered it for themselves.  If you would care to share your story with me I would greatly appreciate it.

Best regards (K P)

Dear Mark,
I've been enjoying your writings & pictures for quite some time now and
never told you how much they enrich my life. My husband prints them out so we both can enjoy them. I call the pure silence the all/nothing place or the REAL but I can tell
that what you're talking about is the same. It is hard to describe something
like this with words; this is why I usually don't communicate much. Being
'REAL' as often as possible makes everything easier for me too. It is nice
to see someone reminding people to let go of the picture show for a while
and to regenerate their selves in the silence, not to mention this
re-connection to the real of All. This way I can not be as upset when
someone acts violently to others. I know it is not really them. We are all
this pure silence and this crazy picture show.
Thanks again for sending these beautiful awakenings.
Bless you (L H)

Mark, I've been reading some of the pages on your web site.  Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your words. I start the day sometimes by just reading them and remembering to let go of the piece of wreckage "memory." Then sweet peace starts opening my heart.....................the rest is history (lol) (D T)

my wife and I are enthralled with your have opened a whole new world to
us.....we are ready to throw off the vestiges of
today's society and join with the one-ness of one's
self .....thank-you for opening our eyes and hearts
and how can we help spread your timely message (B&K J)

Thank You for the gift.
You touched the Silence within this form, rekindled the knowing of pure
nectar in the most simple, clear and honest expression.
I honestly thank You for Your unpretentious clarity in the jungle of
teachings and mystifications.
I truly embrace Your Heart which is mine encompassed by and within
the Silence.
May the joy that You are spreading
equally deepen within You (A)

Dear Mark, I have been printing out and reading your message all day, and something has happened.  I have been drawn deeper into the Silence than I have ever been, it is beautiful, and I always want to be 'here' just where I am now in this moment.  You have helped me so much, and I sincerely thank you.  I will pass the message on. Love, J

To whom it may concern,

My name is A Y. I just came across your web site. This is the first site
that makes really sense to me.
I feel the truth you talk about it is the truth that I AM currently
experiencing and growing.
The things you talk about are the very things that are the 'tools' are have
used to experience Who I am and What I AM.
Am sharing it with friends as it resonates so much.
It is hard for me to speak as my truth is growing and expanding so much
because in the realm of who I AM there is no words. You did a great job.
Gratitude, A

Just a quiet thank you for the loveliness of this site.

         Most especially, Psalm of the Bursting Heart
     In Love,

What a wonder is knowledge of true being!  This beauty can only be heard if it is that which we always have been.  This site is presented with simplicity, yet in an attractive and artful manner allowing resonance to penetrate to the heart.

                     In appreciation: J

Hi, I'm not really sure how I found your site but as
soon as I saw the first page, I was intrigued and
wanted to know more. After reading many of the pages
in detail, taking time to understand what I have been
reading, I feel something which I have never felt
before. All of my life, I have been looking for
something, to fill a gap. Something which I haven't
been able to explain, just like something being
missing. After reading, I feel like everything you are
saying I agree with and somehow already knew, but just
needed to read for myself. I feel so alive and content
now, It's like there is nothing to search for, and
everything I need is right here with me. I cant thank
you enough for allowing me the opportunity to be free
through the web site, it put everything within my life
into perspective.  D absolutely beautiful!  The way you state things so great :)  I haven't read everything yet, but so far I especially like the part of your essay "love" about love of neighbor.  I agree so much!  It reminds me of a discussion I had in my ethics class recently, when we were discussing the taking of human life.  I was one of the only people in the class who did not think that killing is okay in self-defense.  When asked to explain my view, I basically put it the same way you did: that I'm such a small part of the universe, that it is hardly fair for me to try to kill someone.  And I think that the universe is so big and intelligent, that it would be stupid for me to want to change or control it.
 But anyway, I just wanted to say that your site is lovely, and I will continue to read the contents of it...thanks :)  C

Truth. Truth. More truth.

. . . . and we shall learn from the young, that which we could not teach.

 My 70 odd years have taken me over many a mountain, deep valleys and

back again. Your simply stated truths are profound because they are in

the reader. In youth I once found the silence. But it was a thundering silence. . . . a silence

that gathered the cosmos into something knowable and placed me in the center

of it. The silence wasn't me... it was me AND everything else. I was an indivisible

part of that silence. And it was not a void but teaming with vibrant life; that's what I am,

you are, we are. . .there is no separation.

 Then came the workaday world. Career, family, projects. . . you know the story. And

the silence became distant. Now that these worldly challenges have been

exposed for what they are, diversions along the inward path, I have returned to

again seek that silence. You can go within, but it settles upon you by Grace.

Sites such as yours help set the sail of the mind to catch the wind of Grace.

Thank you  D

I've written before, but I want to say that the site is just getting better
and better! I especially couldn't agree more with "Religion is dangerous",
and have long thought so. It is a man made invention to help us deal with
our fears, and it fails miserably. We are more fearful than ever. The one
encouraging thing I see is the use of the internet to spread realization of
the self. I think the number of people who have shed beliefs and realized
who they "really, really are" (to borrow Douglas Harding's words) is
growing exponentially. Have you thought about adding a forum to your site
for readers to communicate with each other?

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your efforts.  M

Your words are the exact description of what I cannot describe, only feel. I
have felt what you have described my whole short life.  Over the last few
years I have blocked out all of what I knew and was blessed enough to
understand instead looking for answers to questions that I didn't really
understand...Yet I saw so many other people enjoying the material things in
life, so I too followed.  I have been using the word 'silence' to describe
what I need (much to the confusion of others) in my life to function to
friends for years so I was overwhelmed in reading your words.

I have abandoned this knowledge though and have recently found great pain in
my life through my own attachment and belief that my world was mine to
control.  I can tell you I have gone right down to the bottom of whatever
you can go to in life.  But I have never let go of this tiny little feeling
that I have had.

  Then one day I type “silence” into a search – an act of desperation I
guess to see if someone else know what I mean by that word.  I am not sure
about how or why or what force brought me to it (well really it was me?!),
but there it was.  I do not reject my own feelings and I am glad that
everything is as it is now…but in finding your words they have taken my left
foot and put it on the first nothing of the path to nothingness.  And I
thank you.  I need to tell you – sometimes I have to just sit back from the
screen and pause when reading you ideas as they are just immensely
powerful. Sometimes I am lost for conscious thought as I cannot believe the
simplicity of it all.

It was grade 10 for me.  LOL I know that everyone must do this – tell you
when they knew about this silent space.  It was amazing, I would have to
make up another word in English to explain it because nothing in language
could explain my happiness/understanding/love – you get the picture though.

I thank you, if I never read another word from your site I will have at this
moment received something that has opened my mind/eyes to myself.


I often feel alone on this thumping big island -
not in contact with silent ones (human).
The plants and creatures are my companions in this frenzied city.

Always silently being themselves.
A lizard is so lizard.

I forgot the silence today, and imagined I had lots of ego battles to
face tomorrow, at work.
It's late in the evening, and I tested Google's search for silence.

So, here I am now,
not so far from those who love silence.

Bless you

E from Down Under

dear mark -

For some reason, today and yesterday, i found myself sifting from site to site (Advaita etc.): some i'd seen before, some not; some sounding good and fresh, one or two irritating.  Then coming to yours: a sudden burst of authentic simplicity, directness; heart; clarity.  Thank you. 

Tonight there was this restless sifting .. from place to place .. my mind not wanting to settle.  Then finally your place was the one that spoke of Peace.
love, P

Dear Mark
Thank you for bringing what seems to be the core of Advaita teachings into a clear and understandable form that is usable in everyday life here in Indiana. I am fairly new to the teaching of Advaita and find it interesting that, while looking at Sant Mat and numerous other paths, I seemed to have "accidentally" found this path of Advaita.
In researching this teaching, It becomes very apparent that there are a host of "instructors", if you will, that are attempting pass along the fruits of their  hard-fought awareness but in many cases, they are so knowledgeable that their explanations are almost too heavy for a novice.  That is why your explanations and common wisdom really helped to clarify the subject for me.
In reading many of the modern masters, like Sri Ramana Maharshi, Papaji,  and others, I have concluded that this appears to be truly my next ( and last) step in becoming Self-realized. I spent the last 25 years in a path that I thought was going to get me to this goal only to find out I was not really going one step forward. They would speak of Self-realization and God-realization, but those goals never seemed to reach conclusion, at least in me as I cannot speak about the experiences of anyone else.
To make this short, I again thank you again for pulling the "scales" from my eyes and helping me understand more clearly that every moment of life can be a living prayer to Pure Silence. If you can think of anything that can assist me in this awareness process of Self, please do not hesitate to e-mail me. I would look forward to any suggestions you might have. B.

Dear Mark,
             While watching the election returns, I returned to the more edifying contents of your site. I just want to say that having spent 40 years in pursuing " answers"  you offer some of the finest material I have seen.
        Your  writings are, in my view, in the tradition of the ancient Zen masters and teachers of Dzogchen. You are clear, simple, devoid of pretense and truthful. Your material should be of enormous benefit to anyone who encounters it with attention. Keep up the fine work. E.

I just wish to thank you for the most wonderful website.   It is my favorite and I am really grateful to you for all that is given.    It would be interesting to know how you came to your understanding but that is just this mind being curious!
Thank you. B.

Thanks so much for sharing this, and for putting it in words so beautifully clear, I actually understand what you're saying. A.

Mark and Eileen,
How simply marvelously simple!  I came across your site while surfing for academic pieces on 'spirituality and hiv', the field I work in.  I am a middle aged female pursuing a phd in psych.  I am also an ordained interfaith minister (which means, all doors are open).  But life itself, has been a search back to this place of Stillness and Silence.  I believe there are no coincidences.  You and your Gift have come at a time when this one needed a simple nudge of 'yes'...Pure Silence, the Center, the All....
I have shared your address all the way to New Mexico!  I too, live in PA! But then, all geography (location) the same, isn't it.  What 'amused' me...was keying onto your   'about the author site'... what, no robes, no large hat, no.... lol! 
Thank you, Both, for the Gifts you give.  I would say may you be Blessed...but then I know/you know, you already are!
Blessings,  J

Dear Mark and Eileen:
I am writing to THANK YOU for the time, energy, and dedication you have put into this site.  I'd like to share with you what I came to realize after reading the material.  This realization has brought me great peace: In essence, I am "dead" already.  All I have to do to understand what it is like to die is to enter the silence. Death truly is, as the author Tolle says in his book The Power Of Now, "the stripping away of all you are not." Any thought, dream, hope, emotion, etc., is simply the natural attempt of form trying to survive...
I was wondering if you are offering workshops on how to stay centered in the silence, and what living in silence means to the "form" and its desires. The words that have rung truest for me have been Peace Pilgrim's, Tolle's, and now yours. H

Dear Mark,

I am an admirer of your web-site. Your direct and simple language makes "the Truth" highly available to all those who care to read it's inspired prose. Although I am not a seeker, having established the pure Silence as my identity some time ago, I do want to express my admiration for your willingness to be another voice from the universal space we all share. B

Hey, I stumbled upon your website. I don't remember how. I started reading and got hooked. This site has opened my eyes to what's going on around me. For the last couple years I have been on a search for God and the meaning of all of this. I was always trying to read the same couple of spiritual authors and they helped me along the way. But in this site I've realized that there are many people trying to teach us the same message. I'm only half way through your site and I know that something is ringing inside of me.
                             thank you            L

Hi Mark, I really cannot tell you how I found this website. I think I was searching meditation, I know I was looking for the silence, as I have experienced it quite often, yet I really did not understand it. Thank you for taking your time to share with those of us who are you and you us. I truly have an understanding of that I was searching for and believed truly! You have caused me to realize this is (IS) and also confirmed what I knew to be true! I have delved into your website and I am me (ME) and that is ok!!! Thank You, D

Dear Mark,

I am an admirer of your web-site. Your direct and simple language makes "the Truth" highly available to all those who care to read it's inspired prose. Although I am not a seeker, having established the pure Silence as my identity some time ago, I do want to express my admiration for your willingness to be another voice from the universal space we all share. B

I came across your website -- I suppose it was no accident -- since in this domain there are no accidents. I have been a lover of silence my entire life. Silence is my home. I drink silence till I am intoxicated with peace. My spiritual master, Meher Baba, was silent for the last forty four years of his life. Have you heard of him? Through gestures he has said many beautiful things about silence. I will share just one example. "Things that are real are given and received in silence."
My appreciation for your special work.  M

I really enjoyed reading your web site, both the contents and the
design. I think you can learn so much more by going into cyber space and
visiting ordinary people and with ordinary lives. What they know, what
they feel and what they think.
Thanks and best regards, B

I feel that this realization of pure silence has finally happened in me. This experience happened when I was in my room. I was relaxed and was almost half asleep. I was contemplating about the universe, and the planet earth. And then something happened. In this state of contemplation came this sudden thought. I think that this thought was about the background of the universe, but I'm not sure. And because of this sudden thought, a powerful and joyful experience followed. I quickly woke up, got up from my bed and started to observe my thoughts. And these thoughts weren't me anymore. I wasn't identified with them anymore. I felt like I was "behind" these thoughts, or even that I was not my body. I even felt that I was not in my body
anymore. The thing is that I really didn't know was I in or out of my body. I didn't know where "I" was or who "I" was. I wasn't me anymore. I was
"something", but I didn't know what this "something" was. When I think better about this whole experience, I feel that this "something" was actualy
"nothingness". But then again I feel that this nothingness was not nothingness but some sort of awareness or consciousness. This experience
lasted about ten minutes. And during these ten minutes I felt this great joy and happiness. I now know what you mean when you say that this is so
simple, this realization. You really don't have to do anything. This realization is so simple. I realized this after the experience. I don't have
to contemplate or meditate anymore. I don't have to search for anything anymore. I feel that I could have this same experience right here, right now
if I really want to have it. During the day, when I have conversation with people, when I talk with my parents, I have this feeling that "I" am not
here. "I" is not here. "I" was never there. And if I want to have that same joyful and powerful experience, I just ask myself "who am I?","who is REALLY here?" After this I can feel the freedom arriving: Big time.

There really is nothing else to add. Abide in silence, in silent abiding--that's it!

A shower of love and light and tender kisses is descending upon you now. Thank you.

Hello Mark,
   I just wanted to say thank you for sitting down and taking the time to put together such a beautiful website. I came across it by happy good fortune a few weeks ago and I feel privileged to have read it. Your words have brought a lot of peace and a better understanding of Truth to my life. The sincerity of your wish for other people to experience the silence as you do is tangible, and your love flowing through cyberspace a living thing.
   Although I am in my mid forties I only began my spiritual journey a few months ago after several strange events (not bereavements or any such), seemed to push me in this direction, until then I hadn't even meditated before. I think that most important thing I learned from you is that the silence can be enjoyed anytime and it doesn't matter how short the duration. I now try to do this throughout the day, walking the dogs, sat in the car, whenever I remember really. After reading your page on meditation I have made the silence my only practice and have found I can still  the mind simply by 'watching' it, if that makes sense. The result is that I seem to have acquired a calmness, an inner tranquility I never possessed before. SD


Thank you for your wonderful web page. You brought me to the pure silence and a peace today, this morning, now. I was at work, unsettled and searched “inner peace” and found you. Your words and images are profound and have sent me into an altered state – the calm inner peace that is often so elusive, especially in our fear and rushing.

Peace, love and thanks.

Namaste and a lotus to you,  L

just a brief note to say the site is so incredible
with its wonder and simplicity, not even half-way
through the readings and am in awe...

deep humble bow and eternal gratitude

May Rainbows Light Your Path!

To whom it may concern, I have found great wisdom in your words.  It has been a turning point in my journey in life.  I find myself at a loss of words, and am confronted by this. Cordially, BT

Just wanted to say thanks for your website.  I've been having some extremely difficult problems (one wouldn't guess from the outside) and your website is somewhat of a shelter from the storm.  M

Hello Mark:

Letting you know that your website is fantastic. I am a young male, aged 21 and I finally got to a stage where there is nothingness. I have been practicing mindfulness/letting go for quite some time and the absence of thoughts/emotions is amazing. At first, it did seem frightening as it appears you are truly dead. But there is great peace since you are just a vibrant energy source. I passed this along to some friends who have trouble conceiving what this is like. Again, a great job! D

Dear Mark,

Please accept my SALUTE!  You are just great.  Your site 
helped me a great deal and in fact made my journey easier. Because of it,  I
am able to be with and in the pure silence every moment of my life. How
very silly I have been throughout my own journey to this spirituality. LOL!

I'd make every effort to share this site with everyone I meet.

Love and joy to you  my friend SJ

Hi, I can't thank you enough for this website. Since finding it, I have come back often. I am very grateful. May you always be blessed. Thank you... Love, A

Dear Mark,
I would like to thank you for your mesmerizing, uplifting and genuine work. When i initially saw the words pure silence, my insides did a whoopsie so to speak, after 9 years of more or less constant 'searching'. Now, at the age of 34, i think i am ready to leave the diving board with the help of your friendship thanks again. PL

        For personal reasons you have chosen to remain anonymous. In a fame-seeking world that in itself is very refreshing.
        I have studied with a number of teachers of meditation in the Buddhist traditions. I have no particular religion or point of view, except agnosticism. I continue to read in the " spiritual " books, to some extent.
        All that is simply background for my statement of tribute to you. You speak in the finest tradition of some of the great Zen masters of 1,000 or more years ago and the approach of Dzogchen and some of the Advaitins.
        Your writings on your site are, in my view, totally lucid, fresh and truly enlightening to those open to see and listen. When you turn to the heart of our being, our awareness, as others have done, you happily do not feel compelled to spin our theories of god in the world, underlying intelligence or whatever. You stop at the truth. This should be enough, But most seem compelled to spin out theories about that which is unknown and unknowable.
        I read only a few of your short pieces each day, treasuring them as I go. I shall regret coming to the end, but I know that I am enriched by this marvelous path you travel  and introduce to the world.
        My heartfelt thanks and salute to you and what you have done for the world - or at least those lucky enough to be exposed to your teachings. EM

Dear Mark:
    Just to let you know that there is at least one person out there who
    is enjoying the web site very much. I like to visit often (and I'm sure
    others do). SB

Just been reading your website for a while now. It's truly the Truth. I followed an organized religion for the past 20 years or so. Well I still attend sometimes for meditation-not necessarily for the lectures.
Was taught meditation techniques, became a disciple of a Guru (from India), etc., etc. Then I found Ramana Maharshi and all the non-duality sites; and what a relief!!!
I've been reading Ramana Maharshi' "Be As You Are" - The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi" -- for several years now.
Just wanted to let you how I appreciate your site.
Thank you for helping to awaken. J

Hello, just happened to discover your site, and i must say it is filled with words of wisdom, that could only come from someone who has made the journey within, well done and keep the pages coming, because few have arrived, and many need direction.

From a fellow traveler............Peace to you  P

 Recently i've come across your web page.....the articles are beautiful....
I'm touched by the selflessness of your service, and your offering of Divine Awareness, free of the trappings that surround most of the teachers who offer similar ways of looking at the world.
Thank you!
May you continue to live in the Ocean of Peace....

I came across your site from a google search for: First Cause, Universal.
Thank you
I immediately sensed the value, the clarity, the potential, the solace.
I have been reading the work of Joel S. Goldsmith for the last few months wherein the Silence is ...
and beginning to hum, to shiver my way into moments.
I greatly appreciate your site.
To me, it would appear a great service in precision.  JK

Dear Mark.
Thank you for the work you have put in to this site.  It is beautiful.  I have been reading 'The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle and it has changed my life path but I found the book overly complicated.  Pure Silence is simple. wonderful.  I read from it daily and every day I realise something new. It's a gift.
Love to you.  K

hello my dear friend:
In a time when I am deeply depressed and seriously thinking of an escape from this painful life when I accidentally see your website.
great thanks  ,I am still moving with more courage because of you.
great thanks. A

Hi Mark –I made it a ritual to read your website once, if possible, a day. Your words are so simple and insightful that they truly resonate within. I recently purchased your cd and listen to it every time I have a chance. Thanks a million!  N

I ran across your website when 'Googling'  "Internal Dialogue"...a very
chance and lucky discovery!
Great job on the website; I have read many books regarding 'spirituality',
by a variety of sources.
Your words confirm the path that I have been following.  I never realized
that silence and nothingness are
my friends!! CC

I found this website to resonate with my beliefs,
which is I do not believe in my religion, but just
silence. I am discovering this very enjoyable
phenomenon by observing silence of [no] thought.
thank you very much.

Hello. My name is E and I am from a
town called in Romania. Sailing on the
Internet these days, we have found a link to your
website. Now, I must say that we were truly amazed by
your vision over the human spirit, and by your efforts
to make a difference. You guys are doing a great
job. And so, if you don't mind to exchange a thought or
two from time to time, please give us a sign.

E and Friends

I have always kept  your sight in my " favorites " list since I discovered it a couple of years ago. It is such a treasure, such a source of renewal just to return to hear your calm talks about the power of silence, awareness, etc that I hope you are benefiting thousands who may encounter this teaching. I return here from time to time for nourishment.

Wisdom is too seldom encountered, it must be cherished.

Thank you again.  EM

Hello, I just wanted to pass this on to you.  It is a poem that I wrote a couple of weeks ago after taking a bike ride and I was thinking about the beauty all around me and the silence within.  I just thought I would share it with you as you have shared so much with me. 
Your Friend, WC

Taking a Ride

As I ride my bike I see the beauty of nature pass me by
My mind is blank, I do not ask why
Down the streets and roads I go
Marveling at the beautiful ebb and flow
A beautiful tree here and another one over there
My minds empty canvas is no longer bare

I look up to the sun and the drifting clouds in the sky
Once again, my mind is blank and does not ask why
Why are you drifting so slowly by?
Why does your radiance fill the sky?
Where are you going as you drift away?
Where does the radiance go at the end of the day?

As I look back across the green earth below
It looks so beautiful, peaceful don't you know
The leaves dancing with the breeze
The vibrant colors surely please
But in the midst of the beauty of it all
There are battles of life and death

Look closely and you will surely see
As the red ants battle the black ones
And the spider catches the fly
The beetles, aphids, termites are devouring that tree
On the ground over there is his dead brother
Don't you see

From his fallen brother
New life it sprouts
See there is a cycle of life
We are a part of
Not left out

I keep on riding, down the street I go
And see some people walking to and fro
I pass an old one and young couple too
Up next to a house is a woman tying her shoe
I see and hear a couple in love
My mind starts racing
So I look back up to the sky above

I look at the beautiful sky and my mind becomes clear
I hear a car coming upon me from my rear
The car whizzes by and somebody shouts
"Don't fall!!" as it passes me by
Then my mind starts to ponder and ask why

Why when confronted with people does my mind race with judgments and labels but when alone in nature its peaceful and calm?

I think its because of my conditioning
Old habits are hard to break
but break them I must
Cause I realize what's at stake

What's at stake is life you see
What I want is to simply Be
I want to be peaceful and calm no matter where I am
So I need to get in touch with the peaceful center that I really am
I need to finally see that the thoughts and ideas pass me by
As quick as those people, the trees, the grass and the sky

As I ride I do not hold onto the beauty that I see
Nor should I the thoughts, feelings, emotions that race inside of me
Just look at life as it comes and as it goes
Accept the changes of the ebb and flow

Life is like a ocean always moving, changing, with a constant flow
What appears on the surface is not all that it is, don't you know
There is a deepness and richness to the sea of life
The key is to be peaceful, calm, not full of strife
Don't hold onto the memories of pleasure and pain as you navigate the sea
Then you will find immense pleasure in the act of To Simply BE



Pure Silence CD: Lessons in Living and Dying- is one of the best “enlightenment” teachings I have ever heard! I rank it up there with my Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti, and Gangaji teachings and listen to it often. I am very much looking forward to Mark’s next great teachings to come out on CD so I can listen to his enlightening words of wisdom!!   Hope it’s soon!  Thanks Mark!

Thank you for the gift of your puresilence website. I come back to it over and over again. Each time, my consciousness is altered i.e. peace, calm. I only stay a little while at the site, then I have to leave and be with the FEELING.  Thanks again. Deeply grateful. Namaste,

I used to go to your website years ago. Probably five years or so ago, I think. It was such a comfort to me then, and thank you for that.

I have changed so much over the years since I visited your site regularly and have come a long way spiritually as well as emotionally and just "as a person" I suppose.

I just began reading Tolle's "The Power of Now" and was reminded of some of the things I had read on your site. I have read the same ideas elsewhere, of course, but I am always looking for new words to bring me back to that understanding. I thought to type in and found that it was still there! It was like finding an old friend. I'm sure your words are a gift to many, as they have been to me.

Just wanted to let you know that your words have made a difference to me. Thank you. Love and thanks to all who have shared their reflections about Pure Silence. L.A.

Thanks so much for your beautiful site and words which body forth the silence so gracefully. It's ironic that the term 'silence' in modern thought has been used to represent a problem rather than a refuge. Recall how many Christians have been bothered by the silence of God, especially in the face of human suffering which seems unaddressed by the personal divine. If only we could have seen that our question was itself the answer. We didn't need to climb mountains to achieve the peace we sought, but rather simply to abide in our question. For the question opens the space in which the silence dwells.

Namaste, D

Dear Mark,

Thank you for being you. I have a short poem for your consideration.


Think what you want
Believe what you will
The only survivor
Is What remains still.

Love and gratitude, DA

Dear Mark,

Thank you for this site. My husband’s brother recommended it to me and, as usual, he has hit the spot.
I spent 30 years as a “seeker”, growing ever more desperate for truth and clarity, before the gentle words of Ramesh Balsekar pushed “me” (and 30 years of baggage) out of the window of his Mumbai apartment, never to return.
That was 10 years ago. Now, it still looks like “me” going to work, doing the ironing, etc. but at the heart there is always this peace, gratitude, love.
May your words find and inspire many others who still think they are that little “me”, and help them to realization of their true nature. Thanks again.

With love P

Dear Mark,

I read/hear "the written word" and it feels such joy that I desire to tell you this:
my love for you is complete.
Immense is the silence by which I recognize you.
In silence I know you entirely.
In silence I treasure you deeply!

Wholeheartedly yours SD

To Mark, thank you for "being". Thank you for sharing your site with all. I've visited your site frequently and also have your CD. All the material or signposts to the truth have given me great joy or should I say,reflected what I already knew.

You have helped me with your words and language to explain or point to truth, I use some of your samples with my own experience to share with people what I went through. You have given me a vehicle to expand the message.

Peace, love and joy to you my brother, in the moment of "now".

Your site is an immeasurable source of awareness!         Thanks again GP

I wanted to let you know that your article on Anticipation has touched me deeply.  I've long been struggling with something that I could not think what could be making me feel this way, and I have found truths in your words.  The whole article basically describes me all aspects.  I want to un-Condition this part of me somehow, thank you for written something so beautiful and wanted to let you know that you have helped me on a path to betterment. J

Dear Mark,

I came across your web site while visiting Christ Way's site. I want to commend you it, simple and to the core of what spirituality is all about. That center in every individual being, that core of silence and stillness which allows us to be aware of being and utter I AM that I AM.

I just want to continue to make contact with as many brothers and sisters who are in the process of pealing away the illusion non-truth from their being.

Thank you for taking your time and sharing your journey.

Truth, Simplicity, Love and Service, JG

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