Pure Silence, the Catapult into Relationship

    In the simple realization of pure, silent nothingness, which is the center of our being, there is likewise a paradox which is miraculously unraveled. In the nothingness that is the real me, my True Self, I become aware that what makes up that seemingly spatial area, is in reality everything in the universe. And the I, which before was looked upon as a separate entity unto itself is now seen to be a part of the flow of all matter and energy in relativity. My own space is relativity itself in the solution of silence.

To describe this more scientifically: I am a particle of quanta flowing out of, into and because of reality, being or pure silence itself. Although each particle itself is or contains the reality, the flow demands that all particles in relation flow together into the vastness of infinite being. That is just the way it is. In a sense there is no choice offered here. Relativity of being, or that which is in relationship because of being, is that way choicelessly . Our personal problems occur when we think we are isolated from that relativity or when we think that we are some sort of private island that needs no or has no relationship. In this, we are trying to buck the flow of reality itself. The negative results of this are obvious and far-flung. Growth, evolution and expansion can only occur in relationship, never in isolation.

    This is symbolic of humanity itself in its evolution: its movement from tribe to community to nation to global unit. There are innumerable examples of this in all aspects of life. There is always this flow of relativity: the movement of the parts towards the whole in expansion. This also occurs in our person when, having tasted the pure silence that we are; we come to see that that "taste" is everything and everyone else as well. We have first moved to the empty, to the inner and the alone, and in seeing that we see that we are also the fullness, the outer and the other, in fact everything else, which is pure consciousness or pure silence itself. 

    In our awakening to the spatial no-thing of silence where perhaps before was isolation: the feeling that the pure silence was something particular to me, instead there is an expanded realization that the "me" is all this. Pure Silence encompasses and is everything. This tender treasure of realization then motivates us to live and be and do, not as a way of reinforcing some personal entity, but rather to allow the flow of life to simply flow around us and all others with whom we are in relationship. That flow, once again, is relativity itself: recognizing our relationship with everything and letting it just be. We are happy to be merely a drop of water, flowing with other like drops streaming into the vastness of the ocean that we all are.

    The realization of your own freedom, your own silence and the fact that you are truth and love itself then vaults the humanness of you, with personality and intelligence and creativity into the heart of any relationship as an instrument of love and of silence itself. This miracle has no limits and no boundaries. And what you must do and how you will do it will be evident without any guessing or preconceptions. It just happens. The pure silence catapults you through the wall of illusion that was not there in the first place and suddenly you are found in a never-ending embrace with the other who is none other than your very Self.

Happy vaulting: With much love from your own Self.

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