Psalm of the Bursting Heart

"Burst of Love"  2002 CHY

This moment, only this moment, this gentle moment adrift in the void of the universe, there is a heart bursting forth in liquid light in a plasma of love.

From just here and now there is a bolt of energy sailing freely into the soul of all being and all beings.

I cannot contain this, I can just express this as I am able, the expression of which is so limited, which is so small and yet contains every word, every thought, every exasperated emotion.

Take this now Worldheart, take this and taste; eat; digest this which comes only from you and is now returned in the sublime presence veiled as truth, love and life.

In my smallness I entreat you to drink from your own Pure Silence, which is me and thou and all.

Would that I could caress you now in joyful touch, in a never ending embrace.

How I long for you to see your own blossoming into the infinity which you already are.

I understand the fear, the rejection, the coils and snares into which and out of which you have birthed and died.

Only for this millisecond, will you please just stop and see what has always been your host, your echo and your target.

And in that seeing, look past the seen, the words, the ideas and the memories and allow just the seeing itself.

I know you will find me. I trust in your own groping. I live in your very hope.

Return now to the gentleness.

Bath in the warmth of this bursting heart, just for a sec!

There you are now.

You, I, and we.


May all beings enjoy this moment

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