Inner Peace and Freedom

"Pure Silence: Lessons in Living and Dying"

A CD which can change your life!

    Dear Friend:

    I am sure that you have heard the term inner peace many times. It is something that we all seek. Oh, to have peace within would mean great happiness for each of us. How little of this there seems to be in the world today! This peace is the freedom to be, to live in this moment unencumbered by fear or negativity: simply the ability to live our lives in freedom, harmony and joy, something this fragmented world needs so much of and something that current religions and spiritual practices have failed in providing. 

    Many famous saints, sages, prophets and philosophers like Jesus, the Buddha, Mohammed, the Dalai Lama and countless others have all called us to the experience of peace within our selves. Yet how few of us have found the treasure they all point to. Yet, this treasure, this peace and tranquility is found within your very heart and you do not have to practice hours of meditation or recite any prayers to find it.

    The CD we are offering is called "Pure Silence: Lessons in Living and Dying" and may be just the thing which will finally point you to this sense of abiding freedom within your own self. In simple, lucid and easy to understand language I invite you to find the gentle still point which is your very being and from there live your life in tolerance, compassion and simple joy. I offer this CD to you now as a means to find that which all paths point to and yet so few seem to find: your own Self: The Divine within.

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Blessings and joy to you:

Mark McCloskey