The Past doesn't Exist

    What is that which we have called the past or before or yesterday? It is simply a memory, an activity of brain cells which retains that which we have experienced, heard, read or felt. That is the only existence of the past: in our brain. The past has no existence in the reality of now except in the mind . Therefore the past is simply a thought. Why then do we let memory or thought influence us so much? Why are we so afraid of this moment of now, of letting now be without the control, without the measuring, without the conditioning of the past? 

    You must know this, the past in reality, does not exist! It's dead, gone, finished and unalterable. It is a corpse of what was or could have been but it is not real. It cannot harm you. It cannot control you. It is merely a shadow on the ground. And as you know shadows are only places where the light is blocked from full bright shining. The light is there, the ground is there, remove the blockage and there is no more shadow. This blockage is your own conditioning to believe that there is something in the past that you need to redo or undo. Forget it dude! "Let the dead bury the dead." You are now; your life is now and in the pure silence of now there is the freedom to know all this, to realize that the past is nothing.

   To live fully, freely and in this moment you must let go of the past completely. And seeing that the past is just a memory, which is simply a thought, all you need do is recognize the pure silence of this moment now which is without thought or without memory. You have nothing to fear and nothing to lose, except maybe a shadow blocking the light. Try it. Try it now and the light will blind you with its joy. In this still and gentle attention to right now, this moment, the past is not.

   This is your choice. Do you want to live in the shadows of thoughts and memory plagued by guilt and fear or do you want to live a life that is complete, alive, fresh and filled with wonders, the likes of which you will not believe?

   Stop everything right now and breath the next breath in, in the present loving stillness of you. You are this moment. Enjoy it!

Blessings to you!

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