Please look at this square. Is this nothing? Really look at it, what do you see? First it has form, it is a square. It has color-black. It is made of digital pixels through your PC and viewed on your monitor. It is not nothing. 

Pure Silence is Pure Nothingness. Try to imagine that. Really try, please. Can you picture, visualize, imagine nothing? This is no thing: no space, no air, no breath, no sound, no thought, no feeling and no form. This is a total void. Try again to picture that. What is it that you sense? Be honest with me. What is there in the attempt to imagine no thing?

Your brain will not let you. This concept is far beyond the capacity of the brain to create or imagine. And yet, this is Pure Silence. Nothing is the ground of all being. That which is, exists in the container of nothing: surrounded by nothing, permeated by nothing. So if we are Pure Silence and that is the same as nothing, then logically we are nothing at all. In other words, that which you are is Pure infinite, unbounded Nothingness. Pretty scary stuff, huh?

Now, here's the great revelation. In our willingness to be nothing, to allow our sensibilities, our emotions, our thoughts to end in nothingness, or to become nothing, then we can find tremendous freedom.

The great paradox is in nothingness is peace, freedom and joy.

You are nothing; admit that; be honest with that; look to that and you will be astounded.

That which fills the nothingness is being itself.

Ultimately you will find that they are the same.

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