Nobody Home: From Belief to Clarity

Dear Friends:

It is very rare for me to personally recommend a work or teaching which resonates with Pure Silence so well. The book above is one such work. In a very simple, direct and poignant style, the author, Jan Kersschot, a Belgian physician and family man, leads us from the recognition of our "conceptual me" to the fact that once the "me" concept is looked at for that which it is and is seen to be merely a concept, the remaining space or silence is the place where "nobody" really exists. Jan shows us the way we have created beliefs about ourselves and others and how these beliefs have clouded our perceptions of reality. He then calls us to find our clarity, through empirical exercises, in the fact that the person you and I think we are has never really been there in the first place. This is the "nobody home", the space within where nothing in particular is and yet the whole universe exists: the Pure Silence.

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