No Differences

    Pure Silence which encompasses all, sustains all, allows all to be, is experienced by all as silence itself, as the still space of nothingness before, during and after all living beings. Pure Silence is equality itself in its gift of being and does not distinguish by any duality, category or differences. All are free to realize the silence of this moment. All are the silence of this moment, now!

    In Pure Silence there is NOT:

woman nor man

black nor white nor yellow

rich nor poor

gay nor straight

old nor young

christian, jew, moslem, hindu, etc.

smart nor stupid

capitalist nor communist

sick nor healthy

clergy nor laity

american, russian, chinese, indian, etc.

guilty nor innocent

leader nor follower

prisoner nor free man

human nor animal nor plant

alive nor dead

past nor future

If silence treats these exactly the same, if silence is open and allowing to all of these exactly the same, perhaps we should learn from this and do likewise!

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