The Natural State

    To learn the secrets of life and existence we merely need to look at the natural world around us. When you look at nature, at the mountains, the sky, the clouds you can immediately see and feel a present stillness, a continuing echo of being emanating outwards, a real presence which is tranquil, gentle, silent, unhurried, open and free. This is the natural state of being.

    Look at our brethren in the animal word, also see the natural state of being: one of gentleness, peace, awareness and silence. There may be times of excitement and death and violence and turmoil, but always there is a return to this natural state of being. There is no effort in the return. After a deer is slaughtered by some larger beast of prey, the herd relaxes and begins to graze again, humbly, gently and with the greatest ease.

    Learn from this. See this. We have the same being. We are no different from the flowers growing, blossoming and dying. Each is different in form but each follows the natural course. Why must we make it so difficult? It is ease itself. Let go of everything but the simple awareness of this moment, just for this moment, this  moment of Pure Silence, whether sitting, walking, driving, resting or running. Here there is peace. Here is your freedom, your home, your timeless eternity. Rest here a while. You do not need the mountains, the animals, the ocean, the sky to do this. You do not need anything at all. You are everything. You are this silent moment of mystery. Enjoy it.

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