Perhaps there is no other word in the English language that has been written about as much. There is a reason for that.

Love is Pure Silence.

    Love is the great allowing. Love lets it be! The silence is love. For love creates all that is. Love lets it happen, arise and disappear. There is only this.

    It has been said "God is love." Yes that is true. God, the nothingness, reality, Truth, awareness, Pure silence and love are just words which describe in some small way that which is right now beyond all the images, the noise, the thoughts. This is in you; this is you. You know that; you are that.

 As I was brought up through childhood, I was taught there are three things for we humans to love: God, Neighbor and self.  Pure Silence allows me to expound on that for you now.

    Love of God: This is the allowing or acceptance of reality to be as it is with no interest in trying to change or control that which is eternal and can not be controlled or manipulated. I am a Witness to reality. I allow all that is to arise in the Pure Silence. I allow God (reality, love, silence, awareness, nothingness) to be independent of any thoughts or opinions of my own.

   Love of Neighbor: For our purposes, all living things are neighbors. And therefore I allow all this life to be without trying to change or control any of it. I enjoy life as it is and treasure it as gift arisen from Pure Silence. Life is a great collective and I am a part; I am merely a small dot. What right then do I have to kill, damage, abuse or destroy any of it? To love our fellow creatures means to allow them to be free, how and as they already are. It does not mean to put up with injustice and that which is perceived as false, insincere and evil. Rather, it means allowing the truth in all beings to be revealed.

   Love of Self:

   Logic would dictate that self-love would involve the allowance of your you-ness to blossom, without control or manipulation. This is indeed true. This is also the greatest challenge because most of us are completely unaware of who we really are. How can I love or accept or allow that which I do not even know? Once you understand that you are the same Pure Silent nothingness from which everything arises and that your life itself has arisen in this silence and continues in this, and will return to this and there is nothing you can do to change, alter or manipulate this, then you can begin to see that you have evaded that which you are from a very young age. Accept that you are nothing but a form that has arisen from silence, allow your life to blossom like a flower, believe in the beauty and uniqueness of your own form and you will see how easy it is to accept all that you are and allow your self to be without any conditions or opinions.

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