Krishnamurti and Pure Silence

    "Thought comes to an end. Then there is that sense of absolute silence in the brain. All the movement of thought has ended. It has ended but it can be brought into activity when there is necessity in the physical world, Now, it is quiet. It is silent. And where there is silence there must be space, immense space, because there is no self. The self has its own limited space, it creates its own little space. But when the self is not, which means the activity of thought is not, then there is vast silence in the brain because it is now free of all its conditioning."

    "And it is only where there is space and silence that something new can be that is untouched by time/thought. That may be the most holy, the most sacred - may be. You cannot give it a name. It is perhaps the unnamable. And when there is that, then there is intelligence and compassion and love. So life is not fragmented. It is a whole unitary process, moving, living."

    "And death is as important as life, as living. They go together. Living means dying. To end all the trouble, the pain, anxiety, is dying. It is like two rivers moving together with tremendous volumes of water. And all this is part of meditation. We have gone into the human nature, and nobody can bring about a radical mutation in that except you yourself."

From "This Light in Oneself" by Jiddu Krisnamurti, Shambala Books 1999.

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