The Intuition of Divinity

       Right here, right now, in our subtle, gentle realization and opening to the Pure Silence at the core of our being, we make a marvelous discovery. We discover (or uncover) Being itself as our own heart, our own breath, our own conscious awareness that we simply are. At the center of this discovery is the simple nothingness, the no thing in particular which is itself vast, immense creative space, or holy spirit. The absence is presence. The presence is absence. 

    There soon awakens or appears a wondrous intuition of a fact so magnificent, so incredible, that its voluminous intangibility seems at first to oppress and then gradually and merely fill us with an after thought of pure joy: we are that which we have always sought after, we are the Divine itself, finding itself in the simple awareness of our own being. This knowing, this gentle intuition which has arisen is at first repressed and left unfulfilled. We have had this intuition all our lives. And we have run from it our entire life: evaded it, pushed it away, drowned it in drink or drugs or knowledge or success or sex or a billion other reasons and excuses. But the more it is run from the more it haunts, daunts and confronts us in the gnawing emptiness within and without. Some succeed in evading it until the moment of physical death itself. Still others, who having been given an inclination to seek and search, are graced with a realization now. And what a realization this is!

    The ramifications mystify and then strip us of any remaining doubt. The thought of me is not me. No individual here. The me, the I that "I" intuit is Pure Silence, Pure Spirit. "My me is God", said St. Catherine. "The Father and I are One", declared Jesus. I am who am! And this is the same in all beings!

    And so life continues as before with one little evident exception or shall we say addition, the fact that we now have a responsibility to allow the transforming fire of infinite openness and expansion to happen to us, those around us and the whole universe. And the mystery of this movie called life goes on with us both as actors and as camerapersons, playing on the screen, in the space of silent love within and without.

Love to you!

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