The Integrity of Human "Being"

(Birth by Salvador Dali)

    Once the realization of Pure Silence occurs in a moment of letting go or allowing, without thought, without effort, a wondrous and glorious thing happens: a glimmer of the Truth is seen; the Self realizes itself as Being itself, as silence itself and from that all of a human life is enriched and bathed in the gentle light of pure love. You will never be the same; you cannot be. Suddenly you will see how things happen, how incidents arise and how the mind itself works. You will have become observer and observed in one life form. You will realize the integrity that you are: body with mind and both encapsulated by the Pure Silence of the emptiness of Being.

   That glimmer of Truth will expand into all dimensions of your existence and grow and multiply and resonate within every action and before and after every thought in an infinite expansion of consciousness itself. You will realize ideas that you have never had before and see within your life form the essential goodness and wonder that you are. You will come to see your body as a dear friend, a noble temple, and you will begin to treat the body as it should be treated, with compassion, with care-filled nourishment, with tender joy. And not only will you be compassionate with your own body, but you will treat the bodies of all life forms as temples of silence bathed in the Pure Eternal Silence of here and now. You will watch what you eat, what you breath, what you do with and to that body, which has arisen into Being from Pure Silence, in a most unique and tender way.

   The Truth from Pure Silence will also free your brain from fear, from constraint and allow thought to arise as a response to life, to situations, rather than having thought react conditionally to anything or conditioned by anyone. Nor will you create intolerable situations out of defensive thought. In other words, the brain, the mind becomes your sister or brother, or best friend, your confidant. Thought is enlisted as gentle servant to natural Being, rather than the planner, controller or even destroyer of life, of hope and of love.

   Pure Silence is the unifying 'force' (wish I could find a better word!) or field of all that is and allowing yourself just one second of its warmth, its unconditional care, you will become unified as oneness itself in the Integrity of Human Being.

   Body and Mind united in Pure Silence will find health, happiness and the "response ability" to meet all the challenges of life in a way that you can only begin to imagine. All you need to do is right now, right here, let go of everything--give up to the unifying joy of the awareness of Pure Endless Silence and you will breathe the breath of One.

All goodness to you.

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