Inner Peace - Is it really real?

    You have heard the term and you probably have wondered if it is possible to live life genuinely, centered in a feeling, or more than that: a total interior environment of peace, tranquility, order and freedom. The answer is a resounding YES! Inner Peace is real. It is truly your natural state of existence. All you need do is recognize that: not in words or lip service but at the core of your being simply see that as "you", who you really are right now.

    Pure Silence, Inner Peace, Enlightenment, Freedom of Spirit, no matter what term is used, is the gentle enduring freedom you always know in the state when there is no you, no individual, no thoughts about self (including wants and desires), no thoughts about anything, no needs and no becoming. When one has given up the illusion that one is special, one is necessary, one is important, the flood of gentleness ensues and one finds oneself swept away in a torrent of compassionate tenderness and love. The one has disappeared and has been replaced by the many, which is the Real One and there is nothing more to attain, ever.

    From the Inner Peace one discovers within, the flow is compassionately directed outward onto the pallet of the universe itself and all that is touched by this formless recognition is as well renewed and brought into the tranquility of order itself. Thus the gift is passed on: one to another in an endless recognition of being, love, harmony and spirit.

Pass it on!

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