Metaphor of a life that is free

The New Jersey Turnpike


    As I drive down the road, looking forward, I question myself: "is the car moving or is the road simply unfurling beneath my wheels"? I rest with that thought and let the road come towards me. Everything is floating by: the sky, the other cars, the paint on the road, the signs, the litter. I am still, silent, looking forward, allowing all to move past. There is nothing I can do to change any of this. So here I am now. I am in my car. There are many other cars, some expensive ones, some clunkers, some white, some green, all flowing by with me. Some are speeding; some are dreadfully slow. At 10 miles faster than the speed limit, most are passing me by, but that is ok. There is no effort and no passivity. I am just here, hands on the wheel, foot on the gas pedal. There is only this.

   Whatever may arise I am aware of. I am watching and sensing. I am alert. I am aware of what is happening as far as my vision reaches forward or sideways. Where I have just been can not be seen. I can only look at what is behind me in my mirror and only for an instant or else I may crash. I just go on, staying in my lane, following the direction to my destination, until I get there. There is nothing else I can do.