Enjoy the Silence

" All I ever wanted, all I ever needed is here in my arms" 

Depeche Mode, from the song "Enjoy the Silence"

    So many folks are afraid of silence, afraid of nothingness, afraid to just be still, afraid to just be. Why? Why do we need to put that radio on the moment we start the car? Why do we need to turn on the TV the moment we get home? Why can't we just sit together as friends or lovers or families without having to say anything? 

    There is a gift here and now, in this moment. It is the silence outside of you and inside of you. It is your own being. There is no need to say or do or think anything. Everything you need is already here, already given, already within your own arms or hands. Dwell in this. Abide in this. No belief, no strain, just simple, gentle now. This is you: complete, pure, always new, always free.

    There is not much more to say. All has been said, all has been done. Simply return, as you need, as you wish. It is always here for you. It always has been and will forever be. There is nothing to praise or worship, nothing to forgive or be forgiven for. There is only your heart dancing across the universe, in the echoes of pure silence.

Enjoy the silence!

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