Embracing this Moment

There's supposed to be a real time clock here!

    All spirituality, all the teachers, all the teachings, all philosophies, all psychologies and therapies, all the words on this website are attempting to tell you the same thing: if you wish to live fully, to experience life freely, to have peace of mind and heart and to feel good about your own existence and to be love to all those around you, you must live out of this present moment. This moment is the only reality, the only thing that matters. To do this, to simply embrace this moment completely you must be willing to witness and confront everything as it is, as it happens, without judgment, without control, without past conditioning, without fear, without running away, without creating elaborate mind games and without any belief that there is anything more than just this moment itself. 

   You can do this because you are this moment. In the awareness of Pure Silence as the ground of your being, you are making the first step into this moment's embrace. Embracing this moment means facing it as it is, no matter what. It could be a moment of expansive joy and peace or equally it could be a moment of pain-filled self honesty emblazoned with anguish, fear and sorrow. Whatever the circumstances, whatever the situation, you can deal directly from the nothingness of who you are.

   The marvelous result of this embrace is that, step by step, you can learn to be more patient, more loving, more trusting and have and know that you have the ability to live now. Now is not conditioned by the past. Now is not afraid of the future. But, make no mistake; you have to be willing 100% to give up what "you" believe, think and feel the now is about. The now is the unknown future flowing into the present and disappearing into the past. It's ok not to know and more than that it's ok to know that you do not know; that things are unknown until this moment is truly a blessing.

   Simple advice: Pure Silence is the door to experiencing this moment. You are the key to this moment! In that opening, that space you find from silence, everything and everyone is waiting for you to embrace them and be embraced-right here, right now.

You are this moment.

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