The Big Lie

You must believe me when I tell you that the reason for so much unhappiness, so much suffering, pain, violence, abuse, anger, murder, frustration, loneliness, apathy, addiction, divorce, fighting, rage and mental illness is that we have obviously not gotten it yet. We have not discovered with any finality, once and for all who we are and what our purpose is. Because if we knew that, obviously all of the above would disappear in the wink of an eye.

You need to hear this now, loud and clear in the fiber of your being. Perhaps this moment, right now, you will hear this.

You and I are nothing at all. We are merely Pure Silence, Consciousness itself which has given rise to a form, a body, a brain, a chemical reaction. There is no You and no Me. We are exactly the same in our utter nothingness. Why pretend anymore? Why continue to live the lie that there is a specific me and a specific you who are different, who are on different levels of power, wealth, spirituality, health.

We have been conditioned by society, by the past, by tradition, by our DNA itself, to really believe that by competing, by amassing possessions, by saying prayers, by following someone else's rules, by becoming successful, rich and well educated we are forming some uniqueness, some specialness that sets us apart, that says "Look, at me, I'm better, I'm the best, I'm a celebrity, I'M ....etc."

You have been told so much by everybody. You have been named by your parents. You have been probably hurt by them too. You have been told you are either smart or stupid by your teachers. You have been told you are good or bad by your religious leaders. You are told daily by the power mad media that there are things you need to look good, to feel good, to act good. Is any of that YOU?????

What is this we have done? What grievous mistake is this humanity has made? We have separated ourselves from each other and from the very heart of who we are. 

Please, enough words. Stop now. Stop all of the thoughts of specialness. Stop everything and see what is there. What is always there? Just this gentle moment of freedom, so subtle, so little, so quiet, so You! And there am I, and you and all of us called human beings, right there in this breath! Breath now and feel the freedom that you are, that we all are. We are the Pure Silence itself!

Much love to You!

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