Beingness without Boundaries

By Xan

(Xan is undoubtedly one of the most humble friends I have found in cyber space. Xan has been spreading the word about Pure Silence for a long time and mostly behind the scenes, in lists, newsgroups, Bulletin Boards, etc. I honor Xan by publishing this short description of Pure Silence in Xan's own words.)

    "You are not what you think you are, no matter what it is that you think. The personality and body which are generally misidentified as 'me' are a role and costume for interacting in this world, and nothing more." 

    "What you are in truth is silent, whole "beingness" without boundaries: pure empty awareness. It is found beyond the mind and only in This Moment. From this essence we may experience love with-no-object, joy for-no-reason, and peace with-no-opposite."

    "Your true nature can be rediscovered in various ways. One way is to turn your attention within and into your breath.  Notice whatever you are thinking and feeling right now. Breathe and accept it all. Let your attention sink down underneath, or spread out around that thought activity and feeling until you notice the stillness. Then let yourself get used to it, little by little. 

   (Within this is your freedom and your journey's end [or beginning?]: welcome home!)

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