The Beatles and Spirituality

Dedicated to the memory of John Lennon 1940-1980 and George Harrison 1943-2001. Rest in Silence.

        You might think it audacious that I include a page on the Beatles in this Pure Silence site. To be honest there has been little more influential in my life as a whole than the music and lyrics of John, Paul, George and Ringo. They have accompanied me from age 6 until today, through good times and bad, and other than the Pure Silence of this moment, they have given me almost as much joy.

    The Beatles, whether one admits it or not were catalysts in changing the course of spirituality on the earth. In a time when people were hardened by traditions, right wing politics, racism and the fear of nuclear obliteration, the 4 lads from Liverpool succeeded in taking us out of ourselves for a moment. The effects of this are still being realized. Perhaps they were just a rock and roll band on a course of self interested financial gain, but their music and lyrics struck to the soul of many who listened.

    I offer some of these lyrics here which resonate with true spirituality and the Pure Silence of living this moment. I hope you enjoy.

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