The Balance : 

Pure Silence and Everything Else!


    Even though you have finally realized the gentle space within, the pure silence of awareness this second, you might come eventually to a self imposed question, a question based on years of being conditioned by this world - "so now what, what good does this do me, how can this help my human life with it's myriad of relationships, situations and problems or more simply can this and a dime get me a cup of coffee?"

    It's really a very simple answer and only if you have truly experienced it for yourself can you even even begin to understand. Having realized your silence, you have found freedom, you have found the real Self. Now you no longer fixate with the possibility that you are just a body, just a collection of thoughts, reactions and emotions. You are no longer controlled by events with a necessity to react to them. Therefore as situations arise, negative or positive, you begin to see things very clearly as they are and instead of identifying with a "you" that is reacting, you simply breath in the moment, allow it to come, stay a while and then disappear. The "You" or "Self" that you are is not affected. The serenity within is not stirred. In words from A Course in Miracles, "the real can no longer be threatened." Thus you find the true balance in life between being and doing, living and dying, yin and yang, silence and everything else. You are not drawn into the karma of conflict for you can see that those things which happen, no matter what, cannot touch the core of who you are, the pure silent awareness itself.

 To discover this and really live this each and every moment is the simple joy of being alive. This joy is your very being. You can return to it again and again because this is your natural state. This state is peaceful and gentle and free. This is the beginning of your kingdom of heaven on earth, right here, right now and in the words of a wise one, "against this kingdom, the gates of hell can not prevail."

Always love!

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