About the Author

The real author of this web site and indeed of all which is a glimmer of the truth itself is the One Self, the Eternal Now or that which is Love. Those humans who have been blessed with grace to be able to experience truth as it is are simply instruments or servants to it. When one comes to experience pure silence as the core of one's being and taste the living freedom that we all are, the simple fact is that one needs or is "propelled" by compassion to share one's realization in any way one can with others. In that way many can come to know and experience reality as it is.

    In this human's case and as of now, it is through a web based transformational presentation called "Pure Silence." There have been many who have asked, "who are you who writes this stuff"? For some time I have not wanted to detract from the teaching because, let's face it, that is what is perennial, not the individual instrument or scribe. Many sites offer "truth or satsang with" or "Enlightenment by" this one or that. This is ok as long as the meaning and truth are central and not the maintenance of the individual's own image. This has been the downfall of the message over time because people through no fault of their own resonate more with a teacher than the teaching. Again it is the message of transformation which is central not he or she who is delivering it.

    Throughout my own journey I have had many experiences, traveled many places, worn many hats, cried many tears and laughed with the best. The gift of my own realization has been that having spent so many years taking from this earth and from people on it, I am graced now, very simply to give back in any way I can. In that giving or attempt to give, my only hope is that more people will come to their own awakening to the fact that there really is no individual ego at all but that we are all one, the same, the identical consciousness in the pure empty loving silence of being itself which is the Self. Perhaps we can finally bring peace, stability and freedom to the earth itself.

   As always I invite you to share this site with everyone you meet. Love and joy to you and yours always.


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