Once again the forces of nature, the laws of science, the randomness of existence has taken it's toll upon the earth and some of it's inhabitants. Once again, suffering, death and sickness have manifested themselves upon the innocents. There is a great sadness out of the silence of now: a part of me has perished. This is nothing new. This happens everyday in our streets, our cities, our homes. There is no rhyme or reason to it: it just happens.

    While our hearts are filled with sorrow, let us reach out in any way we can to help those who are helpless. We are one entity, one consciousness and one earth. There is no person or god causing this tragedy except the power of the universe itself in complete randomness. Now is not the time to pray to mythic beings for salvation, now is the time to be and to live, to help and to heal and to realize that there is no separation between us: we are one.

    No matter when or where a tragedy may strike, let us know without any doubt, that existence continues, that life will go on, with us or without us. Let us come to enjoy every moment we do have together and live that moment fully, honestly, in compassion, love and in truth. That is all we must do; this is our only obligation. Live this moment now and be the best you can be in whatever you do, as if it is your last moment and live and breath from the depths of who you are: the gentle silence of the loving now. There is nothing more.


May the gentleness of truth dawn upon all minds still filled with ignorance and in the shadows of confusion. May those suffering soon find peace and joy.

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