Then what Happens?


    The other day someone said to me, "you know all this stuff about silence and allowing things to be and not being controlled by thoughts is all great- all beautiful sentiments, but please tell me once and for all what is the result of all this? If I can become aware of Pure Silence, then what happens"?

    To answer as simply and honestly as I can, what happens is absolutely nothing: no thing happens, no flashing light, no trumpet blast, no sense of accomplishment nor enlightenment. In my own life, all I can remember is a very simple moment of gentle peace and awareness at which besides a smile, the only other physical or emotional response was a small laugh, almost a sigh of relief that I had spent so many years looking for that which has always been there right in front of my nose. From that point and until this moment there is only an expansion of that into every moment of life, of existence, at which I can only continue to smile and quietly laugh at the freedom and peace which I am.

All joy to you!

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