The Silence of the Dawn

        There is a magnificent time, a tranquil moment, when nature itself opens its generous arms and presents us with a teaching so complete, so powerful, so unique that we need not look anywhere else to understand the meaning of silence and stillness. You see ,the universe, the natural world around us is the silent guru itself and all we need do is open our awareness to it. It is always available as both a reminder and helper for us who are caught up in thinking patterns, our ponderings over what we did or did not do correctly yesterday, our imaginations and desires for things and experiences we want today and our anticipations and dreams of better things tomorrow. The universe does not remember, anticipate, expect, imagine or dream. Nature just is and the whole "thing" emanates from the gentle pure silence itself and eventually will return. The process continues unto infinity.

    If you try this simple exercise; it might help you to finally understand the freedom that you really are and always have been. Try to wake yourself up earlier than usual some day. I know it is difficult but trust me: it will be worth it. Perhaps you can check when the sunrise in your part of the world occurs and try to be outside for this wonderful event. Now just sit somewhere and watch this show as it happens. Notice the stillness of the earth: the ground, the grass, the trees perhaps gently swaying in a cool breeze, the sky which is beginning to shed its darkness as the rays of sunlight begin to envelop it, as the gray formless darkness begins to shine with colors and forms. There is a great silence here beckoning you and all to be present to it. It is both inviting and mesmerizing. Try just to be aware, to notice, to look, to hear and to be. The birds are singing, the winds are rustling the leaves of the trees, perhaps some animals are standing near, being themselves, awakening to the day. Everything is happening in the stillness; no, everything is emanating from the stillness. It is a rebirth which has occurred for eons

    Now, simply follow this stillness around you, be very attentive to every sound, every color, every sensation, every smell. Is all this apart from you? Is all this separate from you? Is all this any different from you? Where really is this silence? Is it not coming from you, from within the core of who you are? Are you following me very closely here? Is there any difference at all between your sense perceptions of the stillness of the morning and the perception of the stillness within your own heart? See, indeed feel where they merge. They merge in You.

    My very dear friend, You are all that you see, hear, smell and perceive. There is absolutely no boundary between You and It. You are It! And the gentle, ever present background of silent awareness searching and finding itself is both the measure of It and the reflection for It. And there is nothing else: nothing. Just because you have evolved into a thinking, remembering, dreaming, hoping and articulating animal does not detract from the sameness you share with the whole universe. You are this moment, this morning, this dawn, this sunshine beaming all around. You are these radiant colors, these pictures, these birds, animals and trees. You are this sky, this wind, this freshness awakening, this world evolving. Perhaps it's time to simply say "Yes." Once and for all give up the searching, the seeking, the hiding, the games, the storyline, the expectation of even one more moment. With every fiber of being: say "Yes" right now. And by saying "yes", you say "yes" to the freedom you have always been: the gentle, still, ever aliveness within you from which the whole universe springs. Welcome to your Self; welcome to the Pure Silence of Now.

Good Morning

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