The Silence is the Now

All that is, is now. It has always been so and shall always be. Time does not exist except as a measurement, a measurement designed by thought. Future and past exist only in your mind and in the thoughts of others. To be in touch with this moment as it is requires you to be still, be silent and be attentive to what is here. This is not found in thought; thought separates you from this. Let thought go for just one second and feel the space of No-Thing within - this is who you are and have always been. Practice this with all your energy and being. Keep coming back to the spacious presence that you are in this moment. I guarantee that you will find peace, freedom and that which has been called God: all within your very being and all in just this moment of Now.

Practice the presence of this moment within: embrace it with all you are and have. You have come home!

Be at peace my friend, be at peace!

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