Surrendering to Just This


My dear friends:

    I have not posted for some time; I'm not sure exactly why. I am sorry for those who have been relying on my words to offer some hope, some glimmer of the truth, that I have not kept at it in all fervor. One plan was to put all of this site into a wonderful book, which has yet to come to fruition. My journey in the last months has taken me somewhere I did not expect it to; it has taken me to just this moment. Like many others, I have been resisting this call-this ultimatum from the universe. Instead of embracing and surrendering with an open heart, the magnificence of just this, I too have been running. But, as life always attends to, it has hit me hard, right between the eyes. This moment is very pain filled.

    I have shirked responsibility, allowed my self and my senses to be distracted, and basically capitulated to any reality but here and now. This moment is fear filled.

I am deeply humbled and filled with self knowledge that I am not all that I thought I was. I am just a man, trying to live, attempting to love and now feeling the pains and suffering of what is before me, much of it caused by my own neglect, insecurity and laziness. This moment is truth-filled.

The true meaning of spirituality is simply to surrender to what is before us just here and just now and the true test of our progress is our ability to carry the pure silence within to whatever comes our way-no matter what the cost no matter what the result. This moment is surrendered to.

The peaks of the mountain are balanced by the troughs of the valleys. One cannot be without the other. This moment is a chance to love.

The answer I have now is that what is before me is enlightenment, nirvana and the fullness of reality-as long as I can surrender in trust to the silence within and be open without to that which is present: here and now. This moment is eternity.

There's really nothing else! This moment.

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