Stop Thinking and Be Free

    My dear sisters and brothers of humanity, the most simple yet poignant advice to be offered to all those suffering from the burden of human thought, which includes but is not limited to fears, desires, wants, needs, unfulfilled expectations, worry, obsessive thinking, replaying situations and experiences in the mind, getting lost in one's imagination, following rules and beliefs is to simply stop thinking.

    Yet you might reply, "I can't stop thinking, I need to think, it's my human right and condition to think!" Well my response to you is simply this my friends: It is the truth that the greatest discoveries, revelations and truths which have appeared to humanity over the ages have happened in a mind freed from thought, in the moment of EUREKA so to speak and not to those lost in the thought processes which replay yesterday and simulate tomorrow. Thoughts are merely reflections of something which has occurred or may or may not occur; they are impulses in the synapses of the human brain: in a sense they are little pieces of matter and energy lighting up areas of the cerebrum. These thoughts are not unlike the clouds floating in the sky or the cars passing on the freeway - they occur, attract your attention for a moment and then they pass -so why not just let them pass, why waste precious energy and mental processes replaying them again and again. Thinking on events and experiences will do nothing to change anything. All they can do is keep you from attending to and embracing this moment as it is now, which is the only reality.

    In the moment when thoughts subside, a greater intelligence arises: the pure silence of pure "being" itself - the space of "God" or love which is peace-filled, creative, potent and completely free. This is who you really are.

    So just for a short while, focus your attention on the space when the thoughts subside - rest there for a time, and then return as often as you like - it is really the only space to be in anyway, and in this brief moment of stillness you will perhaps feel free for the first time in your life. Simply and humbly: live from this space and not from the barrage of endless thoughts.

And please: don't think about this! LOL

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