Silent Presence

    You are pure silence, which is pure presence. Presence is the spacious relationship to this moment. The more present you are to now, the more intimate you are to yourself, to the depths of who and what you are and to the depths of each being you are in contact with. Presence is fullness of being: being which is activated! Presence is trust in awareness as the only absolute truth. Presence is a gentle knowing of just this, just now. All that is required is a simple yes to this moment as it is. In that yes, which may seem so small and insignificant is unleashed the immense creative power of the entire universe and trust me, it will directly influence whatever situation you may be involved in at this moment. By being fully present, you will have become the infinite itself in all its glory and completeness. And this is the reason you are here: to bring the depths of infinite love into this world. Love is complete acceptance of this moment as it is, surrendered to, said yes to and having become fully present to in the silence of the space within you.

All that exists is within your beingness, now. Your recognition of that, not intellectually but deeply within is paramount to your freedom and to the power of the divine in you being unleashed in the warmth of its healing torrent set to wash over the earth in waves of forgiveness, reconciliation, gentleness, compassion and creative connectivity. You are the key to the salvation of the earth and its beings. If you but acknowledge the silent presence within you right now you will continue the fire of truth which may be our last hope as a species and the last hope of planet earth. We are running out of linear time.

    You are being called to be a "present" to the earth and to those around you. You are being called to allow yourself to become the whole itself. In your seeing, knowing and living out of that, you will bring spirit to the earth.

Please: just say YES!


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