Losing My Religion


"Life is bigger...It's bigger than you, and you are not "me"...

But that was just a dream...That was just a dream"

    The simplest things in life, or that which is right in front of us every moment, keeps telling us the same message: all that exists is this moment, and everything that is, fills up the space that is the pure silence of you. The "me" that you think you are is not a person, with a name or a story but rather the space of the entire universe itself. The lyrics above are from a song by a band called REM, they are the first and last words of the song. It's a song that most of us have heard. I'm not sure what Michael Stipe, the author intended to say in this song, but it seems very clear to me. Please read the above words. There's not a more simple way to declare the truth than these two sentences. Life is much bigger than the little you, you think you are, with its plans and ponderings and sufferings and complaining. You are not a "me." The conceptual "me" is just a dream, just a dream.

    Go ahead, lose your religion, lose everything that you have ever believed about who you are or what you are! Look within your mind this moment; perhaps you will discover the space of no thoughts, the space of pure silent awareness that you really are. Rest there. Just be! And enjoy the dream along the way!

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