It is What it is

    How profound these simple words, a dear friend of mine often repeats when confronted by an unchangeable moment in life and the curious designs life situations often take. The meaning is quite clear: face what is in front of us, embrace it, accept it as it is. There is great wisdom and even more amazing freedom in this. It is our inability to accept this moment that causes us pain. It is our fear of embracing this "what is," which causes us anguish. More so, it is our constant attempts to try to change "what is" into what we want "what is" to be that causes us fear and much suffering. The answer lies in a total mental and psychological openness and acceptance to this, "what is," without limit. This openness allows us response ability.

    This does not necessarily mean to just lie down and take what perceived negatives are coming at one. As a human being we have the ability to run, to fight, to reason and to create. Therefore, an intolerable or threatening situation which we are facing, of course must be met as we are able, but then again, to see the situation as it truly is allows us to respond accordingly and with clarifying truth.

    See it (this) as it really is, with clarity, with openness, with a carefree acceptance, with a complete opening of ourselves to the universe, and we will find the freedom, the power and the knowledge to be able to deal with what is, as it is. And all this from the silent space of being within.


Thanks D.D.

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