The word integration comes from the word integral which means "one" or "oneness." And this oneness or the whole is what "You" truly are. You have always been the whole, the one and the true. The essential you is already integrated and has always been. Your mistake, and mine and others has been to believe conceptually that we are somehow apart, distant, far away, that we are disconnected from everything, indeed from the whole universe. The simple truth is that there is only one: one self, one soul, one consciousness, one awareness, one pure silence, one universe, one heart, one love, one lover and one freedom.

    Sadly, until you recognize this with all your being, you will never feel free; you will never realize the integration which is already. In this web site I have pointed you time and time again to look inside and find out who you really are, or in other words, if there really is a specific entity inside your body and brain called "You." And if you have followed along and been honest with yourself and been able to look past the thoughts, memories, desires and fears then perhaps you may have found this "you" which is the pure silence within.

    The constant return to this gentle awareness is paramount to your freedom, to your integration. There is nothing else you need do or say or think or feel or read or understand. There is no more practice, no more Satsang, no more meditating, no more temples or shrines, no more anything. It is time now to breath, to live, to enjoy, to share, to love and simply to be until the day your body falls away. There is only this. You are this. And this is called love.

You are love!

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