Eckhart Tolle: A True Teacher of Silence

        My dear friends, as you have been reading on this sight, there have been many wise teachers who have appeared on this earth to point all of us to the silent space within, which I have called Pure Silence. As a civilization, we are truly blessed to have a few still living in our time. One of these, who I feel resonates profoundly with the teaching of this website and has been gaining popularity (and rightly so) is Eckhart Tolle, a German born man, who having bottomed out in life at one point ,years ago, found this pure silent space of awareness. He has since shared his reflection from this still point with us in works such as the Power of Now, Stillness Speaks and a host of other books and Audio CDs.

    I heartily recommended all his works to you with all my blessings. He is an asset to our world and a true teacher of pure silence.

   His web site is and you can find his works in most book stores.

    Again, my thanks to Eckhart for his continued work of compassion in pointing us all to the space and power and stillness of now: the Pure Silence.

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