The Current Global Financial Crisis

You may think it strange for a "spiritual" website to speak of issues such as the current global financial markets and the ensuing crisis but in reality there is no separation between spirit and everything else: there is one whole. All is related because all is interconnected. All of this is happening within you!

The current financial crisis is easily seen in a wider perspective. As I have repeatedly stated, the real "You" is the silent presence watching through your eyes, listening through your ears and evolving "back" into a universal consciousness with a realization that we are all one, all the same, all the "spirit" manifesting as matter. Our "error", though no fault of ours, but rather through this learning curve called time has been to identify with "things" as being "mine or ours." As consciousness (God) evolves through us in our individual lives, we eventually need to let go all of our personal identities or the things we have "thought" of as being ours: wealth, status, relationships, knowledge, even our very thoughts to find the core of who we really are. As any spiritual journey commands, (and a spiritual journey is just this: a letting go to what is here and now and not what we have wanted or thought we wanted in order to find the ultimate answer) we are brought to the ultimate truth of the the universe that we are THIS, GOD, CONSCIOUSNESS, UNIVERSE etc. As this happens on an individual basis, so too, since we are all interconnected as human beings, it occurs collectively.

In the modern world, money and wealth has been one of the major identities that we have placed on ourselves; one which the ego (our little sense of being an individual lone entity) has fed from.  I.E.: "I have more than you, but not as much as he/she!" This forms a boundary of differentiation around us and is the major factor splitting the rich from the poverty stricken.  Spirit, the pure silence of now within, is being realized by more and more folks and this positive quickening is now affecting the masses. People are beginning to become enlightened to many universal truths: namely that belief systems and in fact many other social systems we have identified with are being shattered and will evolve into more acceptable forms based on universal truth. Human made concepts like religion, ideology and economies will pass away and in their place sharing, honesty, compassion and friendship will stand. The barriers between rich and poor will fade and more and more folks will see that we are really the same and the measure of wealth is how much we are willing to offer in selfless service to our fellow human beings not how many commas and zeros are in our retirement accounts.

So, as the stock markets slide and everyone predicts doom and gloom, find that sacred space inside you that is watching all of this, the space that never changes, that has never changed. You are this space of silent presence and that is the same in every human being. Open your eyes to see what is really near to you this moment: your family, your spouse, your friends, your co-workers. They are closer to who you are than any financial market! You are not your money, your assets, your debts. Economies will come and go. The presence within you is eternal!

Enjoy the ride!

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