Breaking the Hands of Time

"Somebody asked me just the other day: will we ever find the truth that sits beside us here, between us, all around?

Somebody spoke to me about the rain: how it always seems to fall around us all and scatter humans like we're all estranged!

The past has locked us into new embattlements which steal our lives. The future is not here as yet, and these illusions keep us bound in chains.

I'm breaking the hands of time (the memories have turned to rust)

I'm breaking the hands of time (projections will appear as dust)

I'm breaking the hands of time (the infant comes before the man)

I'm breaking the hands of time (Present tense: I am, I am)

A sole survivor spoke to me: how can I live upon this earth, a land so wounded in its strife that hope and sorrow seems a common term.

A flickering flame revealed to me in radiant hues: Life is simple to be lived in all too short and passing moments of the Now!"

Words and Music Copyright 2005 Mark McCloskey

    Funny about this life of ours. Twenty years ago I was in a rock band called the Positive Craze, that played original new wave music in the Philadelphia area. I did most of the song writing and recently revisited some of the stuff we were performing and lo and behold, the above song was found - I guess that even then I was drawn to the truth of existence - although it took some twenty years before it really dawned on me in a realization.

    Really, our whole lives have been a preparation for just this moment and our ability to live this moment fully, honestly and in compassion for all. The hands of time stop when we are aware of all that is, as it is. Find the pure silence of here and now and everything will begin to make sense - actually it always has made sense - we have just been too preoccupied with trying to invent the next moment rather than welcome it as it is.

    I wish you joy and peace in this moment and all moments to come!

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