Before it is too Late

    These are the facts: you can disregard them, you can ignore them, you can pretend they are not true, you can curl up in a false sense of "I am the pure silence or I am enlightened and there is nothing I need to do (The Advaita Disease*)."  The reality is that the earth is in great pain. It has been abused for many, many years by greed, exploitation and power seeking mad men! These conditions still exist and seem to be getting ever worse. Beliefs in a personal self are the root, and the consequences are fatal to all of us. If the human race does not wake up to the reality of this moment: of this moment as it is - then my faithful friend: I fear we are doomed to extinction either by the sum years of our poisoning and raping the earth or by the pitting of one belief against another and the subsequent defense mechanisms of war, weaponry, mass destruction and violent upheaval.

    You have never heard me write like this before. Something compels me - perhaps my own face in the mirror - or perhaps the bitterness, false sense of security, egoism and confusion I see in the faces of others still trying to possess, to have more wealth and their manipulative and selfish beliefs in something called a "me" which needs to be defended!

    Listen to me now, my dear, dear friend -  if you have awakened, have discovered pure awareness, if you have been given the treasure, the gift of knowing the gentle space within of pure silence which you are: with that gift, that awakening, that discovery comes a price. The price of knowing that you are the space that is the universe itself, that you are all that you see, hear and taste, that you really are the "other" and that there is no little "you" walking around in that thing called a body and mind, then you must come to terms with the very reason you are here.

    You are simply to live your life with deep compassion for all others (which are really "you" anyway): for the people, the animals, the plants, the rivers, the oceans, the soil, the air and all that which is this beautiful heavenly abode called planet Earth. The command is to love all as you love your self! If you cannot be open to that fact that this is who you are and to share this simple fact with all others, then the sad news is that there may not be a future abode for awareness to evolve. And how terribly sad that would be for us all.

    Awakening is not personal-it is for all!

* Advaita Disease: The belief that there is nothing a human being can do to change a present event-nor can we nor should we. Rather, the teaching of non-duality indicates that we are all the whole and that what one does indeed deeply effects the whole. The result is compassion for all beings as one, which simply flows out of the pure silence itself.

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