Do you remember once in school getting mildly corrected, or yelled at, or, if you are a bit older, getting your hand smacked by the teacher because you made the seeming mistake of thinking that you could divide one by zero? One cannot be divided by nothing, right? This could be a great Zen Koan. Why can't the one be divided by zero?

    The answer, which you were given, is that a whole can not be divided by nothing. For our purposes, the one, the all, is pure nothing. The one is maintained by itself for itself and for all that arises within it. Pure Silence, which is all, which is one, can not be divided, limited, equated, formulized, calibrated or changed. It just is. So this equation and all equations and all zeros and ones are within the container of Pure silent Nothingness.

   Tell that to your PC with its Binary Code! LOL


All numbers, all things, all forms are held gently in the silence of being itself. Why can you not also give in right now to the silence of this moment? Do it and you will taste freedom like you never imagined. You are the "1" itself!

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